Tulips are coming up – yippee!!

I’ve been waiting anxiously to see whether any of the tulips I planted last November would come up this spring. I’m ecstatic to report that at least some of them are. I looked mid-week and didn’t see any despite the super warm temps. I wasn’t too surprised because I haven’t planted bulbs in about 20 years and then it was in more of a garden setting.

But last fall I decided our brown mulch in front of the house needed some color. So, one warm November Sunday, I planted about 50 tulip bulbs I got at the local Stein’s. If I remember correctly, they were mostly yellow- and pink-colored tulips. I planted some in a straight line on one side of the front door, in clumps on the other side.

Today, I was playing with the camera on my new iPad (I’m writing this post on it) and decided to check again on the bulbs. I was giddy when I saw the first one, thrilled when I saw a few others. In all, there were 12 poking up today (a few of them are in photo below). I can’t wait to see if more pop up, but I’ll be happy if I only get the dozen. Can’t wait to take more photos once the flowers bloom.


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  2. […] Tulips are coming up – yippee!! (gardenbooyah.wordpress.com) […]

  3. Looking forward to seeing photos of your tulips in blooms.

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