It’s time to get the sod out

I’m so excited — we’re going to rent a sod-cutter Friday to remove the grass where my flower garden is going. And, I found out a couple days ago that one order of one order of bulbs has been shipped. The reality of my new flower garden is really starting to sink in!

I don’t plan on planting for a couple weeks yet, but my weekends have been busy with soccer and basketball (my daughter’s, not mine), so I figured I needed to find time during the week when (hubby) Randy is home to help me get the grass up. I did it all by myself when I cut out the area for the garden, but I’m thinking it will go faster if I get some help. Not to mention be a lot easier on my tired old body! Then, when I actually do get some free time on weeknights or (fingers crossed) some weekend in the near future, I’ll be able to till and get right to planting bulbs.

Although I have all my bulbs ordered, I’m still somewhat undecided on garden ornaments I’d like to add. I’ve got a birdbath to put in the center, and I have one “Mom’s Garden” stone that I could use, but I was thinking about adding a few more — or maybe some sort of statute or gazing ball. Or I’ve seen different types of solar garden art, which looks pretty cool. Or maybe a sun dial. There’s just so much to choose from!

I’ll take photos of the sod-cutting process to post next week (more basketball this weekend) and report back on how it all went. Can’t wait!

Tulip update: Not only am I up to 48 (of 50) tulips coming up strong, several of them look close to opening with flowers soon. I can’t see what colors they are yet, and it was all I could do to not peel away the layers to take a peek, but I’m trying to be patient. Maybe next week I’ll actually have photos with more than the color green!


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