Tulips starting to show their true colors

The first tulips are showing some color, and I think they’re red. Or maybe hot pink. I guess they could be orange, too. The buds haven’t fully opened, so it’s hard to know for sure.

Only three or four have buds so far, but the others were a little behind poking up from the ground, so I think the color will come in waves.


But that begs the question — just how long will a bloom last once the tulip flower fully blooms? One week, two weeks? More? I’ve seen answers all over the place, from 1-4 weeks. My neighbor has some that have been blooming for about a week and they seem to show no sign of wilt. And another thing — because it’s the first year for my tulips, will they bloom differently this year? Will they all bloom?

I looked at part of the packaging the tulips came in and found out the tulips I planted are mixed colors of Triumph tulips.

20120417-195138.jpg The packaging says the flowering time is April, but it doesn’t say anything about how long the blooms will last. And although I found some good information about Triumph tulips on the web, I couldn’t find anything that specifically said how long they’ll bloom.

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. I hope it’s for weeks because I want to enjoy them as long as possible.

I also noticed today that the wood violets are flowering in the front yard. These I didn’t have to plant. In fact, I can remember seeing them growing up on the farm, too, and they just came back year after year. can mow them down with a lawnmower and they just keep coming back. I suppose some think of them as weeds. I like the pretty purple flower and the color it adds to a green lawn. It’s no wonder that school children selected the

20120417-195904.jpg violet as the Wisconsin state flower way back in 1909.

Sod-removal update: Well, it hasn’t happened yet. Insert frown face here. The lights on our trailer weren’t working so we weren’t able to bring home a sod cutter. The good news? My husband is on vacation this week and said he thinks he can remove it manually. Let’s hope a smiley face returns soon!

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  1. When I tried tulips at my last home the bunnies ate them, but this house had a few left from the previous owner. Only yesterday I found out from a neighbor that people are bringing their livetrapped rabbits and releasing them in our neighboring marsh. Aargh!

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