Three cheers for early veggies!

Wow, where did the time go? Oh, that’s right — track, soccer and basketball. The garden — and my Garden Booyah blog — unfortunately have taken a backseat to my daughter’s sports activities. That’s not to say I’ve totally ignored the garden, but I definitely have been ignoring the blog. For that, I apologize. I’ll try to catch you up.

A little over a week ago, I planted a second row each of lettuce, onions and peas. I also replanted the bare spots in the row of lettuce and one of the rows of peas I planted on April 19. Our warm March turned into a lot of cooler weather in April and early May, so they needed filling out a bit. All in all, though, I’m happy with them. If the weather stays the way it has been for the past several days — high 80s, low 90s — it won’t be long before I have fresh lettuce for my daily salad. And the peas? I think they grew two inches the past two days alone! I can already taste fresh peas in the pod for supper — as Rachel Ray would say, “yum-o!”

The salvia also burst into color over the weekend. I watered the veggies on Friday before we left for Madison (basketball AND soccer), and could see very few flowers then. But when we came home today, there was purple everywhere! It’s so pretty — and a nice addition of color with the greens of the veggies.

I do feel like I’m behind on the rest of the garden though. The portion of the garden that’s not planted with veggies looks like it’s been planted with weeds. Too bad I can’t sell those at the local farmers market. I could make a killing! Looks like the tiller is going to get another workout. Hoping to do that this week — weather permitting. I bought all my tomatoes last week — the garden shack has been remarkably cool for storing them — plus another rhubarb plant and seed potatoes. Also got seed packets of cukes, carrots and beans. Cassie wanted cantaloupe, too, so I think I might try that. Broccoli, too. Not sure why I bought that seed packet, but I did, so I guess I’ll try it.

Flower updates: The tulips hit their peak week last week, and they were beautiful. I wish there were a few more of the red and yellow tulips, but they are all pretty. They probably won’t be around much longer if this heat keeps up.

The perennials I planted April 29 are doing much better than a few days after I planted them. It appears that my freak-out was a little premature — whew! There are a few that don’t look like they’re going to make it, but most seem to have recovered. I waited to weed them until today mainly because I wasn’t sure which were weeds and which were flowers. I did my best to pull what I thought were the weeds, although I should have referred to the whiteboard I used to map out the garden. A review of it AFTER I finished weeding leads me to believe I probably pulled a few flowers, too. I may need to fill in the holes with more annuals than I thought. Frankly, given that I wasn’t sure any of the perennials were going to survive, buying a few annuals is fine with me.

I’ll spend much of my free time this week (a minimum of two complete evenings with no sports!) weeding and hopefully getting at least some of the remaining veggies in. Wish me well as I head off into the jungle of weeds that awaits me!

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