C’s are better than A’s for my flower garden

Last winter, when I started thinking about turning the area beneath my clothesline into a flower garden, I had high hopes. But I also was a bit uncertain as to whether I could pull it off. I was excited to pick out and order the perennials, but in the days after I planted the bulbs, the nervousness returned. Almost all of them looked like they were in a deep sleep from which they might never awake. Fortunately, words of encouragement from my sister helped me chill out, and whaddya know, they seem to have made a comeback. In fact, most are doing quite well. I’m not sure I’ll have actual flowers this summer, but there is a lot of green and that keeps me thinking positively.

My “vision” for the flower garden also included incorporating the clothesline poles into the design. I mean, why leave the poles in the ground if they were just going to stand there looking out of place, all rusty and abandoned?


From the start, I knew I wanted clematis to be part of the garden, so it made sense to find a trellis to help it climb up the poles. I knew it couldn’t be a traditional trellis because it can get incredibly windy in our back yard. Every year, one or two full grown tomato plants in well-anchored cages are blown over by the wind and I would be extremely upset if a gust ripped off the trellis — and more importantly the clematis.

After making the rounds online and in local garden stores, I decided on a plastic fence type material with two-inch holes.

20120528-211208.jpgOn a beautiful Memorial Day 2012, I planted one clematis plant at the base of each clothesline pole, put the plastic fence/trellis around it and the pole and wired the trellis together. Right now, I’ve got each trellis going up about 4 feet or so. The clematis plants I bought were already a couple feet tall (with a few deep purple flowers!), so I intertwined them into the trellis to get them started climbing. If all goes as planned, the clematis will keep climbing and I’ll add more trellis as needed until it covers all of the clothesline poles. And wouldn’t it be incredibly cool if the clematis starting vining on the clothesline, too. I might even leave a few of the clothespins on to give it more character.

With the addition of the trellis and clematis, and a complete bird bath, the look of the clothesline garden glammed up considerably this weekend. I feel like a proud new mom, waiting for her baby to grow. Summer is looking better every day. Let the blooming begin.

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  1. What a GREAT idea, building a garden in the clothesline area. I may have to steal this. 🙂

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  3. Posted by Cindy on May 28, 2012 at 8:38 pm

    Looks great, Julie! Love the idea of the trellis on the poles, that’s going to look great as the clematis grows. Can’t wait to see it in person!

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