To shrub or not to shrub?

I find myself nearing the end of my vacation week with little to show for it in the way of gardening — or even just yard work. Heck, I haven’t even done much housework. The week has been filled with a high school graduation (congrats to my beautiful step-daughter Erika!), a middle school concert (Cassie’s seventh-grade band played an awesome rendition of the “Stars Wars” movie theme) and visiting in-laws. Of course, I can’t forget soccer, which anchors both weekends.

Finally, today, I was able to get outside, where I was able to do some much needed yard work. It took several hours to trim the evergreen shrubs in our front yard, along with two other trees/bushes in front of windows that were really out of control. I hate the shrubs because they block the front of the house.
When we first moved in, I thought maybe they were planted to serve as a barrier in the winter so snow didn’t pile up on the walk. Two incredibly snowy winters and drifts across the front walk left me skeptical though. Instead, I’ve decided the shrubs likely were planted as a privacy fence of sorts. Either that, or the previous owners REALLY loved evergreen shrubs, which dot the entire property. Either way, it’s a shame because all they do is hide the beautiful stone walkway and the front of the house, not to mention most of the tulips I planted last fall.

It was all I could do not to massacre them to force hubby Randy to get rid of them. The tactic worked a few years back with the hideous evergreens behind the house. Yes, hubby was royally ticked, but they were such an eyesore. And in my defense, I did tell him that I was going to trim them way back. It’s not my fault he didn’t know what “way back” meant!

Once the trimming was complete, I headed for several of the local garden stores. Although the perennials in my flower garden are doing pretty well, I’m not sure if there’s going to be any color this year. I thought I would buy some annuals to fill in a few of the spots where a few bulbs (just a few) aren’t doing that well. The bold red geraniums I eyed a couple days ago still were available, and should be striking in the garden. I also purchased celosia, one variety that has dark red leaves and pinkish spires (called Smart Look Romantica); the other variety with all green leaves, but spires of pink, red and yellow) called Gloria Mix. The plan is to get all of them planted on Saturday.

On a different note, I cut and ate the first lettuce from my vegetable garden today. It was awesome! Can’t wait for more.

Here’s hoping everyone has a good Saturday. May the force (of your garden) be with you.


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