Beans, glorious beans

It never fails to amaze me what less than a week of 80-degree weather can do for a garden. It was the beans this week.

When I watered the garden last Saturday, very few beans peeked out of the ground.

20120608-213849.jpgBut voila, by early Sunday evening, little green shoots had popped out in full force, a couple inches it seemed. A little more water and heat, and they had another growth spurt. And so it went all week long. I know the cliche “growing up in front of my eyes” refers to how fast kids grow, but it also appropriately describes garden crops like my beans that literally grow inches overnight.

It is a truly awesome Mother Nature who, with a little help from a garden hose when the skies are sunny AND dry, can command a little seed to grow so big, so quickly.

Tonight (Friday) when I looked at the beans, I swear they had to be at least 6 inches tall, each with numerous leaves unfurling and climbing toward the sky. Given a weekend forecast of near 90-degree temperatures, it wouldn’t surprise me if they started flowering by Monday. OK, maybe that’s a bit too optimistic, but hey, a girl can dream, right? Now that I’ve had a taste of fresh lettuce from my garden, the anticipation of fresh steamed beans (raw ones, too) has my mouth watering.

The photos below document the growth in one week of my beans:

Saturday: The few beans that are sprouting are at far left. Squint, they are there!


Sunday: The heat of the day gets the beans going


Tuesday: Growing taller yet


Wednesday: Yep, growing more


Friday: Not convinced of any growth? Above and below, compare the beans next to the sticks at the bottom of each photo. Cool huh?


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