Growing, growing, growing — weeds they are a growing

Finally, some much needed rain.

More than an inch in the past 24 hours — more than we’ve seen in the past month and a half. Still 20120618-210551.jpgseveral inches behind for the month, but we’ll take what we can get these days.

The booyah that is my garden now includes a variety of bountiful weeds in addition to the fast-growing veggies. I was hoping to attack them tonight, but the mud, not to mention intermittent showers, is preventing that. Not that pulling weeds is my favorite thing to do, but they’re really starting to get away from me.

It’s at the point where I’d be ashamed if my mom came over and saw the state the garden is in. Thankfully she doesn’t own a computer so she won’t see it, unless another family member shows her (ahem Cindy!). I promise to get to them as soon as I can!

I have to admit, my garden is doing fabulous in spite of the weeds. It’s hard to believe that most of it was planted less than a month ago. It seems like just yesterday that all you could see were the sticks that marked the rows.

See how my garden has grown. And please, pardon the weeds.








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  1. Where are the weeds? I do not see any.
    Your garden is so neat and organized and everything growing so well.

  2. I used to have to weed my parents’ garden when I was a kid–I find that using needle-nose pliers is super helpful and keeps you relatively cleaner than going in with just your hands. Good luck and thanks for the like!!

    • Thanks for the tip! You know I’ve actually had a pair in the garden with me for other things. I will have to try for weeding.

  3. Posted by Cindy on June 18, 2012 at 9:51 pm

    Don’t worry, I won’t show her. I’m hoping the weather is clear tomorrow morning, so I can clean out the rest of my flower beds before mom comes here on Wednesday!!! We were by their house last Tuesday and her garden was weed free!!!

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