July 19: Four inches of rain and counting

Another inch of rain this morning makes 4 inches in three days – wow. Talk about an about-face in the weather department!

The garden is pretty muddy, so I didn’t chance falling on my face (or butt, more likely) by trying to walk in it. I did want to check on the rain total though, so fortunately I was able to see the rain gauge from outside the fence.

Just the daily east west photos today, plus another that shows how Jeepers the pumpkin is growing. It’s almost hard to see the nearest tomato plant, and it’s about 3 feet tall! Once the garden dries out, I can see I’m gonna have to do some retraining.


Looking east:

Looking west: Notice the stake leaning to the left in the center of the photo below. It’s one of two tomato plants I didn’t have the new, sturdier cages for. Kept an old cage on it, but as in previous years, once the plant grows bigger and there’s a little wind, it starts leaning. Have to get that tomorrow too, if it stops raining!


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  1. Looking lovely! We got 4 inches too…in just 30 minutes. Better to get it a little at a time, I’d say, and not all-at-once. LOL

  2. Know what you mean by the weather about face. Having the same weather pattern as you. Oh yes, the pumpkin can take over the whole garden is allowed.

  3. You are so lucky! We haven’t had a drip up here in Ontario for ages!

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