July 23: Beans frozen and tomatoes waterlogged

It’s 95 outside and my beans are frozen. OK, it’s 8 p.m. and not 95 (or 99) anymore, but nevertheless, it’s still hot outside. And I’m tired, so this is going to be a short post tonight.

Despite the heat, I knew I had to pick the beans and cukes again today or suffer strings and seeds. It actually didn’t seem that bad, although I only spent about a half-hour in the garden. Then I started the sprinkler on the tomatoes and raspberries and headed to the house to freeze the beans.

I blanched and bagged up all the extra beans I had, except for the ones I picked tonight. I was able to get 9 quart-size freezer bags full, and they are resting nicely in the freezer, waiting to become a tasty meal sometime this fall and/or winter.

After I finished freezing the beans and cleaning the new beans and cukes I picked, I headed out to the garden to take my daily east/west photos. I no more than walked out the door when I realized I had forgotten to shut off the sprinkler. Oops! Surprisingly, the puddles weren’t too big (you can see them in today’s west-looking photo). Since I haven’t watered for a week and we haven’t had any rain for four days, I’m guessing it will be OK.

The garden, looking east. Peas are (were) in the middle, where all the brown stuff is now.

The garden looking west: what happens when you forget to turn off the sprinkler.

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