July 26: For the love of mud

More rain again overnight and this afternoon. The weather has been so strange. We got almost no rain for most of June and the first two weeks in July. Then in the last two weeks, we’ve gotten almost 8 inches. At least that’s what the rain gauge in my garden has measured. I know other parts of the Green Bay area have seen less, but I stand by my rain gauge.

I’m not complaining. The veggies are flourishing. There are loads of green tomatoes that have started ripening a little more each day. As long as wind and hard rain doesn’t take them down, they should be fine.

Several did need to be restaked after the overnight rain. Or it may have been the mid-afternoon storm we got. Either way, the plant that did make it through the storm that hit us about 7 p.m. last night was tipped over when I went to the garden after work today. I had to put two more stakes around it to hold the cage up. The one good thing about it was that when the plant tipped, I saw that there was a ripe tomato at the bottom. Big enough to make a BLT. Yum.

Several other plants were pulling their cages out of the ground a bit, but all of the cages were easily pushed back into the ground. Which, by the way, was really, really muddy. And slippery. I almost fell on my keester several times just trying to walk in the garden.

So, the tomatoes were all I tackled tonight. It was way too muddy to try to pick the beans or cucumbers.

Hopefully it will dry up a bit so I can pick fresh veggies to serve Saturday at daughter Erika’s graduation party. I know she loves cherry tomatoes so it would really be nice to have a few more of those ripen.

Looking east. Even the once dried-up peas seem to be getting a bit of green back.

Looking west: I forgot to take out an extra stake (leaning on a cage). It’ll wait until it’s less muddy.

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