July 29: Waiting on the explosion of red

Since my tomatoes have been kind of slow to ripen, my sister brought me some of hers Saturday. Oh my gosh, are they good! I expected just a couple, but instead she gave me about two dozen. We had BLTs for lunch, I had a slice on my burger for supper and plan on having a plateful before I go to bed tonight.

I think the tomato end of my garden is on the cusp of breaking out into a sea of red. There were a few more ripe ones today, mostly cherries and grapes, but two or three bigger ones, too. I’ve got to believe that given a few more days of heat (80s, not 90s) and a bit of rain, that the tomatoes are going to start ripening like crazy.

I cut more lettuce for BLTs and salads for work, and picked a few beans. There aren’t very many left, but we should get a meal or two out of them. I was surprised to see a red lady bug on one of the leaves. I’ve seen a lot of orange lady bugs, but I don’t recall ever seeing a red one. I was happy to find out through a bit of Googling that it’s similar to the orange beetle and eats bugs and aphids. I had wondered if it was a Japanese beetle because I have never seen one before and a coworker said last week they gave her problems this year. Glad to know this is not a Japanese beetle.

This coming week, I think I might dig a few potatoes to see how they’re doing. I probably should pull up the dried pea vines, too. They’re not going to produce anything more than a handful of pods and they’re just a sad reminder of what should have been. Time to move on.

I haven’t posted a photo of Jeepers (my creeping pumpkin) lately, but you’ll notice in the photo above that the darn thing is still going strong. In fact, it (she/he?) is about to either turn the corner in the garden and start heading west or start climbing up the fence.

Looking east: I think it’s time for the dried pea vines to go, don’t you?

Looking west: Fingers crossed for more red soon!

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  1. I just ate my LAST green tomato ripened on the counter — from plants pulled a month ago — yesterday. Just as delicious as picked red off the vine!! (http://wp.me/p28k6D-uo)

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