Fresh veggies make for a happy table this week

I was able to spend a little time in the garden this afternoon before the rain set in. Well, it wasn’t really rain – more like heavy sprinkles – but enough to keep me inside. It was a strange kind of day in the weather department. Off in the distance, it thundered and there was lightning, but not only did we not get any heavy rain at our house, the sun was shining most of the time. Pretty, puffy light clouds juxtaposed with a dark sky and heavy gray clouds. Like I said, strange.

Anyway, I had been wanting to pull the onions, as well as dig a few potatoes and carrots. Oh yeah, and a few weeds, too. Just the big ones, mind you. The rest I’ll get with the tiller later this fall.

I dug four of the potato plants first and while they certainly aren’t what they were last year, they’ll give us a few good meals either sliced up with onions and cooked on the grill or as mashed potatoes (Cassie’s favorite). There were a few bigger ones, but mostly the potatoes are fairly small. I’ll give the rest of the plants more time before I dig them and hopefully they’ll grow more.

What I dug of the carrots are mostly small, too, although I expected that. More than half of what I planted didn’t come up, even with replanting. The onions were next and not only are they fairly small, some of the tops were a bit mushy. More so the red onions than the yellow. I should have dug them out earlier because I had a feeling that all the rain we got in a short amount of time (11 inches in less than a month) might make them soft. And it didn’t help that most of the red onions were buried beneath a huge volunteer tomato (Thanks for the term “volunteer” Shannon, I love it!). I’ve definitely got enough for myself and some to share with friends and family.

I’ve been picking tomatoes and cucumbers every other day and both still are putting out nicely, thank you very much, In fact, I have almost four ice cream pails full of cherry and grape tomatoes sitting in the garage, along with two bigger pails of big tomatoes. Try as I might, my stomach can’t keep up with them. Such a good problem to have, right?

Actually, I might can tomatoes with one of my sisters this week. I’ve never canned my own tomatoes mainly because my childhood memories of helping my mom can tomatoes aren’t all that pleasant. Basically, I remember sweating like a pig in a hot, hot kitchen while using something like a rolling pin to smush the juice and seeds out the tomato and leaving the skin and core in a metal colander. Our house didn’t have air-conditioning and we always seemed to can on the hottest freaking day of the summer. As much as I love tomatoes, it never was my idea of fun. Which is why I haven’t tried it myself. But I think it’s time That I do. My sister’s house has air-conditioning, so I shouldn’t have to worry about the heat. And we’re big girls now, so we can have a cocktail while we’re canning, too!

Almost forgot, also picked one last meal of beans for supper. Garden booyah will be a staple on the supper table this week. The beans tonight will be followed by several other meals this week with fresh carrots, potatoes and onions for stir fry. It’s going to be good eating in the Riebe household this week!

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