Some January white would be a winter delight

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When I last blogged, we had just gotten our first significant snowfall in the Green Bay area – right after a bout of 60-degree temperatures. I remarked to a commenter that the snow was pretty enough, but once the holidays were over, I probably would start looking forward to flip-flop and shorts weather.

Well, it’s Wisconsin and it’s January, so flip-flop weather probably is asking a bit much. It’s barely broken into the single digits today. It’s 0 degrees right now —  minus-18 if you figure in the windchill – and the high for tomorrow is pretty much the same. Bone-chilling cold. The kind of cold where it hurts to take a deep breath when you walk outside. If you even go outside.

What’s almost more brutal, to me at least, is that the ground is pretty much bare. The snow we’ve seen fell almost exclusively in December and has since disappeared. After the lack of snow last winter and rain and hot temperatures last summer, I went into the winter hoping we’d see our share of the white stuff. Or, if it was going to be too warm for snow, that we’d get a good amount of rain. Luckily, so far we’re only a little below average in the amount of precipitation we should have received by this time of year. Unfortunately, the majority of that came in December with a couple bigger snowfalls. Since then, we’re lucky to see an inch or two at a time – when it actually snows.

I remember back to March when it was in the 60s and 70s – thinking it was fabulous that I was able to get out and take care of some early gardening chores. Little did I know at that time what summer had in store for us – incredible heat and very little rain – and the tough time it would mean for my veggies and flowers.

So this winter I’m keeping a closer eye on the snow totals. Yeah, more snow means more shoveling and slick roads, which can be a pain. But it is Wisconsin, after all. We should be used to dealing with extremes.  And given that a lot of snow in winter can translate into a much more fruitful garden in the summer, I say bring it on Mother Nature. I challenge you to be extreme in more than just cold temperatures.

Let it snow – and snow – and snow!

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  1. Posted by Barbara Shay on January 22, 2013 at 11:41 am

    Hey, bring your shorts and flip flops for a visit. We’ve got 80’s.

    • Funny, since you posted that, the weather has changed from really, really cold to average temperatures and a bit of snow to today, when it is 46 degrees. Of course, now we’re supposed to get 4-8 inches of snow tonight/tomorrow and then it’s back to highs of 12 and 5 for Thursday and Friday. Gotta love Wisconsin!

  2. Nice to see you and to know you weren’t buried alive! (Sigh). We’re still in flip-flops. In fact it nearly hit 70 yesterday. Not complaining here…

    Setting tomatoes and cucumbers for spring already. We’re six weeks from planting!!

    • I’ve been thinking about tomatoes a lot lately. It’s so hard to find good ones in the stores this time of year. Some taste just like cardboard. And they’re so expensive — regardless of the taste. I even started wondering whether I could/should start growing my own in my basement. But given that it’s about 55 degrees in that room, I’m not sure they would do well! (Also, big sheepish grin here about not blogging more the past two months. No excuse — time just slipped away from me! Thanks for sticking with me!)

      • Don’t worry about that! I’ve had my crazy weeks too…more to come as well. Tomatoes just plain suck right now. Another blogger and I were just lamenting that very thing.

        Hey, if you’re bored and holed in for a while, how about a grow light, a warming lamp, and some seedlings in the basement? What have you got to lose, right? I would know nothing about any of that: it’s warm, we usually direct sow, and no basements here. I say go for it though. 🙂

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