Greenhouse tomatoes give me edge over snowy spring blues

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It’s been 10 weeks since I planted the tomato seeds, and if all goes well, I think I’ll have to repot into individual pails in the next week or so. This weekend, I bought three more 5-gallon pails to make the six I have planned on all along. There clearly are a number of tomatoes that doing much better than others, but it’s still going to be hard to choose the plants that make the final cut. Since the Patio Princess plants seem to take up much less room than the others, I’m leaning toward trying to put two in one pail. I’m not sure the Valley Green or Chadwick Cherry plants would do well with more than one in a pail, although the jury still is out on that. It’s always so difficult for me to throw away good tomato plants!

I have to admit, the tomatoes have been the saving grace in helping me deal with the wintry weather we’ve been having of late. We had some combination of snow, sleet and rain almost every day this past week, including several inches of the white stuff Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Rain wouldn’t be so bad – after all April showers are supposed to bring May flowers, right? But when it was warm enough to rain, the temperature always seemed to hover in the upper 30s and low 40s – cold! I can’t tell you how good it felt to go downstairs into the greenhouse and see the tomatoes. And the smell of the green leaves is enough to make this booyah gardener giddy! Buying the greenhouse is one of the best gardening decisions I’ve made in a long time.

Unfortunately, the heavy snow and ice wasn’t good for many trees — several of our arborvitae trees snapped under the weight and the wind that accompanied the precipitation. Frankly, it was just a downright nasty week weather-wise, so I’m glad I had my greenhouse tomatoes to keep my spirits up.

I also bought a few flower seed packets this weekend – some cosmos and marigolds. The colorful seed packets just seemed to speak to me. Others, too, I think, as I saw more people in the gardening centers than I have during the past few weeks. It wouldn’t surprise me if some green thumbs are getting a bit itchy, you know? The stores have started putting out some shrubs and a few of the more hardy plants and flowers, although I can’t believe anyone is buying them yet. With snow still on the ground and in the forecast I’m guessing it will be a few more weeks before it’s dry and warm enough to plant anything. And that’s assuming it stops snowing sometime soon!


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  2. […] Greenhouse tomatoes give me edge over snowy spring blues ( […]

  3. Posted by Jenni on April 14, 2013 at 6:36 pm

    That would be so hard to still be dealing with snow! The weather has finally warmed up here in Kansas. I love looking at my flower seed packets as well – I have started some seeds but some must be direct-sown in a few weeks.

    • The last few days have been in 50s, so snow is mostly gone. But it looks like there’s snow in Friday’s forecast now. I just want it to stop!

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