Weeds growing faster than veggies

20130618-192231.jpg(Photo above: Everything is coming up OK in the garden, especially the weeds.)

As usual, the garden’s in and the weeds have taken over. The tomatoes, mostly transplanted from my basement greenhouse, are doing OK, but they’re not growing very tall. I’ve heard the same thing from friends, too, though, who bought theirs at local greenhouses. I think it’s just that we haven’t had consistent warm weather. Even tonight’s forecast calls for low of 45. I mean, it’s June 18, you know? Most, if not all, have flowers, so now I’m just waiting for fruit!

Anyway, back to the weeds. They’re the worst by the tomatoes – they were a carpet of green before I took the hoe to them tonight. I got a little more than half of them done, before giving up for the night. Once I get them all out, I’ve got to put straw or something down to hopefully prevent some of them from coming back. Always say that, never actually follow through. Maybe this year.

Most of the rest of the veggies I planted are coming up pretty good. Had to replant a few beans and peas and some lettuce. I think the birds picked up some of the lettuce seeds and dropped them elsewhere, because I found lettuce growing in my tomatoes – where I had not planted it. And the first few days after I planted my onions – the same time I planted the lettuce – the birds kept picking up the onion bulbs out of the ground and dropping them 4-6 inches away.

Carrots and cucumbers came up somewhat spotty, but I think they’ll do OK. Potatoes and sunflowers came up great. Raspberry bushes are lush and green, despite what I thought was some fairly meticulous thinning this spring. Can’t wait for them to ripen!

After a few cold night, the weather is supposed to warm up. So, hopefully, will the garden. Seems like everything is way far behind this year.
20130618-192135.jpg(Photo above: Tomatoes encased in carpet of weeds.)

20130618-192157.jpg(Photo above: Weeds half way gone!)

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  1. Posted by Jenni on June 19, 2013 at 4:57 pm

    LOL – we have lots of weeds too – I think, at least here, the weather has been a mixture of rainy spurts and then sunny hot spurts, which has caused the weeds to just take off. We’re seeing a late season as well – my backyard neighbor is just now putting his tomatoes out!

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