Summer means garden in full swing – finally

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The warmer weather has finally kick-started my garden. I’ve been cutting lettuce for two weeks now, and have started giving it away to friends so it doesn’t go to waste. Despite the fact that it came up very spotty, I’ve got plenty to eat. I’m still not sure why it was so spotty this year. What’s even stranger is that I replanted the areas where it didn’t come up the first time, and the second planting didn’t come up either.

The tomatoes are finally starting to fruit heavily. Most of the tomatoes in the garden this year are the ones I started from seed back in February. Frankly, I had hoped I would have red tomatoes long before now, but I’m also happy just to know they are fruiting. My guess is that it was just too cold in my basement greenhouse for the plants to grow to the stage where they would actually produce tomatoes. When May rolled around and they weren’t flowering, I worried I had done a lot of work for nothing.

Of all the varieties I planted, the one that I thought would be most successful — the Super Sweet 100s — ended up dying in the garden. I have planted that variety every year in my garden, so I felt safe that it would produce for me once I started it in the greenhouse. I’m not sure what happened. But I ended up buying one to take its place. I love the Super Sweet 100s! I also purchased a few tomato plants that produce bigger fruit. All the tomatoes I started from seed were cherries, and BLTs are a staple for me during the summer, so I bought one each of the Early Girl and Better Boy variety.

The peas and beans are flowering in full force, and with any luck, there will be little pea pods and beans sprouting soon. For awhile, when the beans were coming up, I was a bit worried that something had happened to two rows of them because they were smaller and bit yellower than the other two rows. Then I remembered that I planted two rows of yellow/wax beans along with the green. I can’t wait to see how they taste!

I had a hard time with seed potatoes this year, too, and ended up with one bag in which only half were good. That row of potatoes started flowering already last week, and like the beans, they are a bit smaller and lighter green than the others. I guess time will tell as to whether I actually get potatoes out of them.

The sunflowers and raspberries, as you can see in the photos, are going gangbusters. The raspberries are starting to get a lot of berries on them, although in past years, I’ve had ripe berries for weeks by now off the everbearing bushes. I guess time will tell with them, too, if I get a late crop this summer. The sunflowers are the giant kind and I just love how they look! I remember the last time I planted them – several years ago – they ended up making that side of the garden look like an enchanted forest. I could sit beneath them in the dirt and no one could even tell I was there. Talk about being able to lose yourself in your garden!

Yep, summer is officially in full swing for this booyah gardener. It’s about time.

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  1. Posted by The Belmont Rooster on July 29, 2013 at 7:38 pm

    AWESOME GARDEN!!! And you have the same theme as one of my blogs!!!

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  3. Posted by Ryan on July 8, 2013 at 7:33 am

    Wow, your garden is amazing! Do you mind if I ask you how much time you spend on it each day or week? My garden is very small, so I’m wondering how much extra time it would take to expand!

  4. Looks beautiful! We’ve had more rain/less dry spell here which has helped ours.

  5. …til late September.

  6. Woo hoo! Thanks for that awesome update. I’m really relying on others to scratch my garden itch for me. Alas, I must look forward to a winter garden now since we won’t be back at the house full time since late September. I must dig virtually through bloggers doing their own garden-y things. Glad your maters are doing theirs!

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