Giant sunflowers and a plethora of cosmos and weeds

While I love the giant sunflowers that tower over the east end of my garden, I’ve yet to see an actual sunflower head on them yet. No yellow petals or deep brown centers. Of course, given their size, it’s quite possible that I just can’t see that high, and I hope that’s the case. Or that, just like everything else this growing season, they’re a bit behind.
The first batch of my everbearing raspberries are done, and it looks like I could have a pretty good late season, too, if all the berries forming at the top of the patch’s branches are any indication. Now if I can just keep the Japanese beetles to a minimum.
The cosmos still are in full bloom and I’m loving every minute of them. They line practically all of the north side of the garden, mixed in with a few marigolds and salvia. (Just ignore the weeds in front of the flowers and mixed in with the onions and carrots and beans and peas — I have been!)
Dill and potatoes in front of the cosmos.
Many of my marigolds (like my rain gauge at left) have gotten lost in the cosmos this year, which is a shame because they, too, are really pretty.

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  1. Your flowers are just lovely! I can’t wait to get back into my house and start building a clothesline garden. So much to do. I wonder if cosmos grow in Zone 9…those are some breath-taking color!

    Look good, Julie. Looks as if spring has (finally) arrived. 🙂

  2. Posted by Jenni on August 14, 2013 at 5:52 am

    My sunflowers just started blooming last week, but the tallest ones (I planted a mix) are still taking their time. Your cosmos are beautiful! I have just one that sprung up in my garden (maybe I planted it???? Sometimes I can’t remember what I planted :)), and even that one is fun to see out my kitchen window.

    • Unless I write it down somewhere, I can almost never remember what I planted where! And I do love cosmos. They are my very favorite flower. And I think when I was buying seed packets this year that I went a bit overboard. Since it doesn’t really pay to save seed packets from year to year, I figured I’d just plant them all. So, I have a lot!

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