From the flames comes a beautiful flower

20130817-211427.jpgA pleasant surprise this week in the flower bed in front of our house – my Whirlwind hosta is flowering.

Truthfully, I didn’t even recall that the hosta would flower. After last summer’s heat and then the long winter, I was just happy that all my hostas and tulips made an appearance this spring/summer.

Last summer, the Whirlwind hosta restored for me the idea that hostas really could be a durable shade flower that did more than just take up space in my flower bed. This one, with leaves that have what look like flames shooting out of them, is actually pretty.

And now on top of that, it’s got a beautiful late summer flower rising from those flames. How cool – or maybe hot – is that?


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  1. It is AWESOME!!! HOT and COOL at the same time! I have to put that cultivar on my wish list!!!

  2. Isn’t that just lovely!! My hostas have never bloomed. 😦

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