Beauty and the berries

20130819-185748.jpgThe second crop of raspberries keep growing every day. I think I better start searching for more recipes to use them in!
20130819-185949.jpg20130819-190012.jpgThe cosmos and marigold still are doing quite well, too.
20130819-190121.jpg20130819-190136.jpg20130819-190200.jpg20130819-190213.jpg20130819-190225.jpg20130819-190240.jpgThis last photo is one corner of my clothesline flower garden. I love the little birdhouse sticking out among the Blazing Star, Helenium Red Jewel, dried up lupines, Irises and lavender.


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  1. You’re teasing me with that clothesline birdhouse! I’m not even back in my house yet. Not gardening is killing me slowly. Thanks for letting me garden vicariously through you, Julie.

    • Talk about procrastination. I just checked a few comments and blogs and read about the remodel. I’m not sure what I’d do without my garden. Hope you get yours back soon.

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