Snooty sunflowers, a ton of tomatoes and loads of raspberries

20130828-131626.jpgI haven’t written a lot about my tomatoes this summer, although that doesn’t mean they’re not producing. I’ve gotten enough for the last three weeks or so to more than satisfy my personal needs for slicing, putting on BLTs, as well as on salads.

In fact, my summertime nickname as “the tomato lady” has even returned since I’ve been giving away the beautiful fruit to whomever wants – or will take – some! I’ve found a few good recipes – this creamy tomato, bacon and avocado pasta salad among my favorites. I’m even thinking about trying to make my own sun-dried tomatoes. Problem is, the recipes I’ve found on Pinterest all say you have to keep the oven propped open slightly while you cook them – for several hours. The two days I had off this week, the temperature was back up into the high 80s and low 90s with high humidity levels, so I didn’t really want to put the air-conditioner through more than it already had to do. Hopefully, it will cool down a bit outside soon and I can give one of the recipes a try.

This week’s heat also has brought with it some rain, which was much-needed, but also has led to a lot of cracked fruit. More than half of the tomatoes on the plant at left in the photo above were cracked and ended up in a pile among the seeded-out lettuce and weeds (photo below).
20130828-131639.jpg20130828-131806.jpgThe sunflowers are really starting to head out now – and actually look like sunflowers. I took the photos above and below the other day when I happened to notice that all the heads on the sunflowers are facing east and away from everything inside the garden. Almost looks like they’ve turned their backs on and are ignoring the other veggies, fruits and flowers!
20130828-140723.jpgThe second crop of raspberries also is coming along nicely, as you can see from all the berries in the photo below. My mouth waters every time I walk by them!

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