Moving presents special garden circumstances

Well, winter in Wisconsin is finally over (fingers crossed) and it’s long past time for me to start thinking about my garden. Problem is, I’ve got somewhat of a complication this year. We’re going to be selling our house because we’re moving — to Texas! Yep, husband got a job in Austin, so by early August, I hope our family will all be living in the Lone Star State.

Which means that I need to look at my garden differently this year. A number of people have asked me if I even planned on planting one, given the house will be up for sale, and time to take care of it will be scarce. Truth is, I can’t see not planting a garden. In a couple weeks the last frost should have passed us by and I really can’t wait for some fresh lettuce. And peas. And beans. And what’s a garden without a couple tomato plants, right?

Yes, I know there’s a good chance the tomatoes won’t be ripe by the time we leave this lovely but cold state. But seriously. Anyone who really knows me has to know that I must plant a few tomatoes. Must. Just have to.

But what should I do with the rest of the garden? I don’t really want to leave it unsown — I’d like a perspective owner to see what the possibilities are. But what should I do with the rest of my 30-feet-by-40-feet or so garden? A big chunk of one corner is raspberries, so I don’t have to worry about that, but lettuce, peas, beans and tomatoes probably
won’t even take up half of the rest of it. I’m thinking that maybe I just put down a lot of wildflower seeds, mostly in hopes that I can avoid a lot of weeding once they get started.

What do you think? Any other suggestions? Oh, and by the way — anyone want to buy a house?

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions! We’re still getting frost warnings at night (sigh), so I’m waiting on planting. But I like the ideas.

  2. Get in touch with me via email or phone, future Texas girl! Can’t wait to hear how its all going.

    PS — phenomenal weather in these parts. We’ve barely made it into the 80’s, much less the 90’s that we’re usually in. It’s the main reason I’ve not been blogging — too much time in the grand outdoors!!

    • I’m with Brain-DeadMom. Rainbow chard, maybe some broccoli (for happy yellow flowers that bees will love) and sunflowers. All easy to grow and look garden-y.

    • I will get in touch, definitely. Having a hard time right now, just trying to get the house ready to sell, working, soccer, etc. Not to mention the garden! But it will get better.

  3. How about rainbow chard? It is easy and looks so pretty. Early cherry tomatoes? People always love sunflowers and they add some drama. I’ve never had luck with packs of wildflowers seeds. A bean teepee with scarlet runners? Fun to grow, but will impress potential buyers with their beauty?

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