First tomatoes having a tough time

IMG_1337.JPGTwo weeks after I transplanted the tomato plants into containers, they don’t seem to be faring too well. I’ll admit I haven’t done anything with/for them other than make sure they have plenty of water and sunshine. The soil I used in the pots had Miracle Grow or something similar, so I didn’t think I needed to feed them.

They were nice and green when I bought them (below photo) and there even were a few flowers, but now they’re much browner (above photo) and a number of leaves have shriveled up on them. I’m hoping the shock of transplanting them is just lingering a bit longer than it usually did on my Wisconsin tomatoes.
IMG_1340.JPGA rainstorm this past week week gave me a better idea of where I should probably plant my garden in the back yard. It was a pretty good downpour, and as you can see in the first photo below, quite a bit of water accumulated on one half of the yard. It stayed there for an hour or two after it stopped raining and that part of the yard was squishy for most of the rest of the day. The other side of the yard (second photo below) had very little standing water because it slopes toward the road and everything runs out there. While I don’t relish the thought of gardening on a slope, it’s probably better than the alternative of gardening in mud or standing water! I’ve also noticed that the side that slopes gets more sun, so that’s a plus, especially since I’ll always plant to tomatoes.
IMG_1335.JPGI think I’m going to give in soon and get a couple hanging flowers/plants for the patio in the back, too. Hubby doesn’t want to make a lot of holes with nails, but I’m really feeling the need to put a few more personal touches on this house. I’ll do it while he’s at work and he probably won’t even notice, right? (I’ll let you know how it turns out!)

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  1. Gardening is rewarding but I have gone through many losses to get to the point I am at today. Our season is over and that has me sad but I get to start planning for next year and take care extra special care of my house plants for the next few months 🙂 I see you have a nice big yard, good luck with adding your personal touches!

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