Who knew watching lettuce grow could be so fun?

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Purple has long been my favorite color, and this week, the lettuce I planted in containers on my patio gave me another reminder just why I like the color so much. The Rouge d’Hiver in the center of the containers started turning purple this week, and it, along with the looseleaf varieties Oakleaf and Black Seeded Simpson, are coming along nicely.

It’s a mouth-watering experience just watching the lettuce grow and knowing that in a couple of weeks I could actually have a salad with home-grown lettuce or, dare I say it, a BLT! Of course, I’d be happy with store-bought tomatoes with fresh lettuce, too.

I realized this week, too, as the Rouge d’Hiver romaine lettuce started turning purple, that I had only ringed one of my containers with the Black Seeded Simpson, not both as I originally wrote right after I planted it. Instead, both containers have the romaine lettuce in their centers, and one is ringed with Black Seeded Simpson while the other has Oakleaf. I’ve got to start taking/making better notes about what I plant where — even in containers. You’d think I’d have learned by now to do that, but I guess other things get in the way. Or maybe I’m just forgetful. Either way, no harm done, because all three varieties of lettuce seem to be doing well. And in my book, that’s what counts.

While I wait for the lettuce to grow, I probably should start reading up on when to plant seeds inside for transplanting outside next spring. And figure out what exactly I want to plant, too. Because before you know it, spring will be here, right?

But for the couple weeks, I’ll just enjoy the holidays, a visit from my sister and her husband, and our newest neighbor, my father-in-law, who bought a house down the block from us.

Merry Christmas all!

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  1. Yea! “Watching lettuce grow” should be as popular as Facebook. It would solve many problems all-at-once. I’m on e reader (iPad) so can’t view the slideshow. I’ll revisit when I’m on the PC later.

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