2015 brings changes to Garden Booyah

Since my family moved to Texas in August, I’ve tried to keep up on Garden Booyah, but truth is, I’ve got so much other stuff going on that I haven’t done a ton of gardening to actually write about. (The 95-degree temperatures in August and September don’t exactly help either!)

There are new things everywhere I look here in Texas, and I’d like to write about them, too. So, I’ve decided to roll my gardening adventures into a new blog called Chocolate Chips and Chaos.

And although I don’t often make New Year’s resolutions, I decided that in 2015, I will write at least one blog post a day in Chocolate Chips and Chaos. Opening up the blog to pretty much anything will help me fulfill that goal.

I’ve really enjoyed sharing my gardening experiences, but also am looking forward to doing the same through Chocolate Chips and Chaos. My hope is that you’ll follow me there, too!

Thank you very, very much — and Happy 2015!

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  1. I will definitely include gardening posts, Shannon, so no worries there.

  2. Happy New Year, Julie! I will follow wherever you go. I do hope that you plan on *planting* (no pun) a gardening post every now-and-again for your old garden buddies. Looking forward to seeing your new site. Cheers, Lady!

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