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Flower, veggie gardens in full bloom


I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. I do know this: I’m sure going to miss my Wisconsin gardens!

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Cosmos, marigold flowers still going strong

20130923-185324.jpgA quick post today, just to show off some of the flowers in my garden that continue to provide me with great color. Continue reading

Sunflowers take beating from wind

20130908-191738.jpgThe sunflowers took a beating Saturday afternoon/evening when a storm rolled through. Gusty winds really blew them over. Hopefully, though most of them will keep growing. Continue reading

Beauty and the berries

20130819-185748.jpgThe second crop of raspberries keep growing every day. I think I better start searching for more recipes to use them in! Continue reading

From the flames comes a beautiful flower

20130817-211427.jpgA pleasant surprise this week in the flower bed in front of our house – my Whirlwind hosta is flowering.

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Tulips would benefit from some warmer temperatures

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OK, Iā€™m starting to get a bit bummed about the delayed arrival of spring. Or at least the delayed arrival compared to last year. I looked back at a few blog posts from mid-April 2012 and saw that the first tulips were starting to bud and I was so excited to see a bit of pink/red. Compare that to yesterday, when I went out to look at them and gasped when I saw that the few that are up look like they might have a bit of frostbite. Continue reading

Flowers need harmony, too

I was looking at my clothesline flower garden awhile back when I realized something ā€“ one half was longer than the other. The day I laid out the garden, I put my bird bath smack dab in the middle ā€“ or so I thought ā€“ so each side could mirror the other with perennials. Unfortunately, I misjudged where the middle actually was, resulting in one side being longer.

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