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Lettuce count the ways I love thee!

Two weeks into the lettuce experiment and it’s still doing well. Of course, it’s helped that the weather has cooperated, with only one night close to freezing and most days at least in the 50s or 60s.
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Moving presents special garden circumstances

Well, winter in Wisconsin is finally over (fingers crossed) and it’s long past time for me to start thinking about my garden. Problem is, I’ve got somewhat of a complication this year. We’re going to be selling our house because we’re moving — to Texas! Yep, husband got a job in Austin, so by early August, I hope our family will all be living in the Lone Star State.
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Weeds growing faster than veggies

20130618-192231.jpg(Photo above: Everything is coming up OK in the garden, especially the weeds.)

As usual, the garden’s in and the weeds have taken over. The tomatoes, mostly transplanted from my basement greenhouse, are doing OK, but they’re not growing very tall. I’ve heard the same thing from friends, too, though, who bought theirs at local greenhouses. I think it’s just that we haven’t had consistent warm weather. Even tonight’s forecast calls for low of 45. I mean, it’s June 18, you know? Most, if not all, have flowers, so now I’m just waiting for fruit!

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Tomatoes whittled down to 27

The dirt finally thawed and I was able to repot the tomatoes. And the lettuce. The tallest of the tomatoes, the organic Chadwick Cherry variety, were close to 7 inches tall. Most were probably closer to 3 to 4 inches tall, and some even had what I consider really thick stems, which is good, right? I seem to remember that last time I tried starting tomatoes indoors most of the stems ended up really thin, and they didn’t do as well once I transplanted them outdoors. So I’m thinking thick is a good thing in this case. Continue reading

La-la-la-love that lettuce


I’m hoping that the little white things are lettuce seeds sprouting. Just four days after it was planted!

Tomatoes sprouted — one step closer to good winter salad

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One week into my venture to grow indoor tomatoes, seeds have sprouted in all nine of my pots. The first seeds actually poked up two days ago. I had been watching the pots all week, although truthfully, I didn’t think germination would take place until closer to the end of the seven- to 10-day time frame stated on most of the seed packets. So, when I got home from work Friday, I was pleasantly surprised. About a half-dozen of the Super Sweet 100s were anywhere from a quarter-inch to about an inch tall, most with cute little green leaves that look decidedly spring-like. You should have seen the smile that erupted on my face! Continue reading

July 5-6: Super summer heat great for (most of) garden

I think I’m one of the few people who has actually enjoyed the extreme heat we’ve been having. Yes, I sweat like a pig and get tired much more easily when working in the garden.


But how can a gardener not like weather that enables fruit and veggies to go wild?

Thankfully, I’ve been able to water when needed, so for the most part, nothing is hurting from the lack of rain.

The peas seem to be hardest hit by the hot temps, at least the early rows I planted, which are somewhat brown despite getting enough moisture.

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