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Flower, veggie gardens in full bloom


I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. I do know this: I’m sure going to miss my Wisconsin gardens!

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Moving presents special garden circumstances

Well, winter in Wisconsin is finally over (fingers crossed) and it’s long past time for me to start thinking about my garden. Problem is, I’ve got somewhat of a complication this year. We’re going to be selling our house because we’re moving — to Texas! Yep, husband got a job in Austin, so by early August, I hope our family will all be living in the Lone Star State.
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Yep, it’s winter in Wisconsin

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A co-worker asked me last week if I was getting anxious to get back in my garden. I told her no, that I thought I still had a couple weeks before a serious case of seasonal affective disorder set in. (For me, that usually happens in February.) The same day, we were talking about how “warm” it seemed outside. The temperature at the time was about 10 or 15 degrees and we had just ended a streak of record-setting cold — highs during the day of minus 13 with a wind chill of 35 to 40 below zero. Continue reading

Greenhouse tomatoes were fantastic once they ripened

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On one of the coldest nights of the season (it’s minus 2 with a wind chill of of minus 20 as I write this), I feel the need to remember warmer — and greener — times. So it seems appropriate to write about something good in my garden this past summer.

My biggest experiment was planting greenhouse tomatoes in February.

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Garden cleanup interrupted by rude arrival of winter

Fall this year seemed to come and go quickly and I never really was able to take advantage of nice weather to clean up the garden the way I wanted. A mid-November morning attempt at pulling out the dead plants didn’t go exactly as planned; I learned the hard way that the saying “lift with your legs not with your back” also applies to pulling out stubborn tomato plants. Suffice it to say that getting stuck in the bent-over position isn’t fun. But, after a little rest, the back feels better.

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Help! My garden needs to be put to bed

20131109-190602.jpgReally, really, REALLY have got to find time to get in the garden and clean it up for winter.

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Growing season pretty much over

20131024-182149.jpgSave for the raspberries, the garden is pretty much done for the summer. I picked a cup of berries tonight and there are still more on the branches, so if they can withstand the frost the next couple of nights, I’ll pick more on Saturday. Continue reading

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