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July 17: Rain a sight for dry eyes

Got home this morning after two days in the Dells. And while we were able to mostly tolerate temps in the high 90s because we spent our time on water slides or floating down “rivers” on tubes, I was a bit worried how the veggies and flowers would fare while we were gone.

Fortunately, they looked like they tolerated the excessive heat surprisingly well, although it did appear that a few of the onion tops and bean plants were bent over a bit. Nothing too serious. Didn’t see any deer or other animal tracks, so not sure what caused it. Two and a half days without the sprinkler didn’t seem to hurt anything.
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July 10: Hitting the raspberry motherload

Picked 10 cups of raspberries tonight. Ten cups!

It was like walking into a jungle to pick them — just wild! The bushes were so thick and so full of juicy red berries I had to keep moving branches around to make sure I got all the ripe ones. Every time I thought I could move onto the next set of branches, I’d see a couple more ripe ones.
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July 7-8: Can raspberries get sunburn?

I was picking raspberries Saturday morning when I noticed quite a few of the fruit had white spots on them, some affecting most of the berry. It was the first time I was able to get deep into the patch, and as I weaved my way through it,

Did you know that the individual ‘ball’ on the berry fruit that surrounds the seeds is called a drupelet? Me neither, until today.

Raspberries hiding beneath the leaves.

I kept noticing that berries, mostly ones on or near the top, had white spots.

I was about two-thirds of the way through when it hit me. The raspberries looked like they had sunburn.

The previous seven days were all 90 degrees or hotter, so it made sense that raspberries could suffer the same effects that people out in the sun did. And the white discoloration was the burn, right?.

A quick Google search when I got back into the house confirmed what I thought. White Drupelet Disorder Apparently when sunscald (the equivalent of human sunburn, I guess) “is associated with White Drupelet Syndrome, the side of the fruit exposed to the sun will be white whereas the shaded side will remain normal.”

Unfortunately, it appears that the only thing one can do to prevent sunscald is to not plant the raspberries in the full sun in the first place.

Given that my back yard is all-sun, all-the-time, my only option might be one of those big patio umbrellas on wheels — you know the kind you can roll around wherever the sun is? Wouldn’t that be a sight!

Well, even with sunscald affecting my raspberry patch, I still picked about two pints of good berries. As Rachel Ray would say — Yum-O!

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July 5-6: Super summer heat great for (most of) garden

I think I’m one of the few people who has actually enjoyed the extreme heat we’ve been having. Yes, I sweat like a pig and get tired much more easily when working in the garden.


But how can a gardener not like weather that enables fruit and veggies to go wild?

Thankfully, I’ve been able to water when needed, so for the most part, nothing is hurting from the lack of rain.

The peas seem to be hardest hit by the hot temps, at least the early rows I planted, which are somewhat brown despite getting enough moisture.

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July 4: Why is my pumpkin trying to get out of my garden?

Spent two hours in the garden this morning (in 90-degree heat, no less), determined to finish the weeding. Got it all done, plus picked a few peas and the first raspberries of the summer. They were a great addition to my lunch of a BLT with lettuce from my garden and the tomato from the local farmers’ market.

My favorite photo of the day is of my lone pumpkin plant, which sorely looks like it wants out of the garden. It came up near where I had planted pumpkins last year, although it’s much closer to the fence than I ever would have planted it and actually is growing into the raspberry patch.

Since it doesn’t really have anywhere else to go, the pumpkin vines are climbing up over the fence and through it. I like how it looks although I’ll have to keep a close eye on it.

At a previous garden, I didn’t train the vines at all, nor did I watch them. Before I knew it, a pumpkin was growing on the neighbor’s side of the fence about 3 feet off the ground! My neighbor finally had to break it off because it had grown so big I was afraid it was going to fall and splatter all over the place!
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July 3: Baby it’s hot outside

Oh man, it’s hot out. It’s 8:30 p.m. and still 88 degrees. That, combined with a dew point of about 70 has combined to make it miserable. It appears the dog days of summer are here – and it’s only July 3.

I waited until the sun went down a bit to get some weeding time in. Mostly one-handed weeding, because I didn’t want to reopen Monday night’s cut to fingers on my right hand. I spent about only about a half hour pulling weeds around the tomatoes before I was drenched in sweat.

Looking west (after tomatoes were weeded):

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