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July 11: Flowers, cukes, tomatoes, pumpkins…

Tonight, I’m just going to share a handful (OK, almost 2 handfuls) of photos taken in the garden. Nothing more, nothing less.

July 9: Jeepers, pumpkins sure are Creepers

I had a great pumpkin patch last year. We got 15 or so pumpkins of various sizes that Cassie had fun carving several of and I had fun making/baking delicious pumpkin seeds from. The only problem? They took over the garden. Big time.

I planted just a handful of seeds, but that was a couple more than was needed. I don’t remember them being that prolific in the garden growing up on the farm. Of course, our garden probably was at least a quarter-acre in size, so they had plenty room to grow without encroaching on other veggies!
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July 4: Why is my pumpkin trying to get out of my garden?

Spent two hours in the garden this morning (in 90-degree heat, no less), determined to finish the weeding. Got it all done, plus picked a few peas and the first raspberries of the summer. They were a great addition to my lunch of a BLT with lettuce from my garden and the tomato from the local farmers’ market.

My favorite photo of the day is of my lone pumpkin plant, which sorely looks like it wants out of the garden. It came up near where I had planted pumpkins last year, although it’s much closer to the fence than I ever would have planted it and actually is growing into the raspberry patch.

Since it doesn’t really have anywhere else to go, the pumpkin vines are climbing up over the fence and through it. I like how it looks although I’ll have to keep a close eye on it.

At a previous garden, I didn’t train the vines at all, nor did I watch them. Before I knew it, a pumpkin was growing on the neighbor’s side of the fence about 3 feet off the ground! My neighbor finally had to break it off because it had grown so big I was afraid it was going to fall and splatter all over the place!
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