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Tomatoes growing like crazy

20130402-175452.jpgJust a quick midweek post to show off the tomatoes’ progress. I can’t believe how much they grow – seems like every day they’re bigger. Gotta admit though, I keep waiting for the day I go into the greenhouse and find them withered and brown instead of robust and beautiful. Continue reading


The little tomatoes that could… and one that couldn’t

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A quick post today to show how the Cherry Falls and Super Sweet 100s tomatoes are growing. These are the tomatoes I’m most concerned about because they were the smallest ones that I transplanted into the 5-gallon pails.
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Tomatoes whittled down to 27

The dirt finally thawed and I was able to repot the tomatoes. And the lettuce. The tallest of the tomatoes, the organic Chadwick Cherry variety, were close to 7 inches tall. Most were probably closer to 3 to 4 inches tall, and some even had what I consider really thick stems, which is good, right? I seem to remember that last time I tried starting tomatoes indoors most of the stems ended up really thin, and they didn’t do as well once I transplanted them outdoors. So I’m thinking thick is a good thing in this case. Continue reading

Tomatoes sprouted — one step closer to good winter salad

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One week into my venture to grow indoor tomatoes, seeds have sprouted in all nine of my pots. The first seeds actually poked up two days ago. I had been watching the pots all week, although truthfully, I didn’t think germination would take place until closer to the end of the seven- to 10-day time frame stated on most of the seed packets. So, when I got home from work Friday, I was pleasantly surprised. About a half-dozen of the Super Sweet 100s were anywhere from a quarter-inch to about an inch tall, most with cute little green leaves that look decidedly spring-like. You should have seen the smile that erupted on my face! Continue reading

Tomato seeds planted, greenhouse arrives

I planted five varieties of tomato seeds for my attempt at growing indoor tomatoes.

I planted five varieties of tomato seeds for my attempt at growing indoor tomatoes.

The indoor tomato-growing journey has officially begun — I planted seeds for five different varieties today.

Four of the five varieties I have never tried before so it should be interesting. All are cherry tomatoes, the thinking being that what I’m most looking for are tomatoes for salads. And cherries fit that bill.

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July 19: Four inches of rain and counting

Another inch of rain this morning makes 4 inches in three days – wow. Talk about an about-face in the weather department!

The garden is pretty muddy, so I didn’t chance falling on my face (or butt, more likely) by trying to walk in it. I did want to check on the rain total though, so fortunately I was able to see the rain gauge from outside the fence.

Just the daily east west photos today, plus another that shows how Jeepers the pumpkin is growing. It’s almost hard to see the nearest tomato plant, and it’s about 3 feet tall! Once the garden dries out, I can see I’m gonna have to do some retraining.


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July 11: Flowers, cukes, tomatoes, pumpkins…

Tonight, I’m just going to share a handful (OK, almost 2 handfuls) of photos taken in the garden. Nothing more, nothing less.

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