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Tulips would benefit from some warmer temperatures

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OK, I’m starting to get a bit bummed about the delayed arrival of spring. Or at least the delayed arrival compared to last year. I looked back at a few blog posts from mid-April 2012 and saw that the first tulips were starting to bud and I was so excited to see a bit of pink/red. Compare that to yesterday, when I went out to look at them and gasped when I saw that the few that are up look like they might have a bit of frostbite. Continue reading

Greenhouse tomatoes give me edge over snowy spring blues

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It’s been 10 weeks since I planted the tomato seeds, and if all goes well, I think I’ll have to repot into individual pails in the next week or so. This weekend, I bought three more 5-gallon pails to make the six I have planned on all along. There clearly are a number of tomatoes that doing much better than others, but it’s still going to be hard to choose the plants that make the final cut. Continue reading

You call this spring?

20130320-182753.jpgThe calendar may officially say spring, but I’m guessing my raspberry patch doesn’t quite think so!

Preparing the garden for winter

Plant crocus bulbs. Check.

Put away tomato cages and garden stones. Check.

Pull out dried-up tomatoes, marigolds, beans and other spent plants. Check.

Till garden. Check.

It’s been a busy couple days for this booyah gardener. In the past, fall garden work has mostly meant finding time on weekends to rip out the dried-up plants and throw the cages in the garden shack. This year though, I actually planned ahead a bit, took a week of vacation from my paying job in hopes the weather would cooperate and I’d be able to spend more time cleaning up the garden before winter.
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Don’t know a good thing till it’s gone

The clouds were full and dark this afternoon, brooding almost. They’d pelt the common folk below with a few raindrops, then just sit overhead, making one wonder when the downpour was going to begin. Or worse yet, the “s” word. Even though the thermometer put the temp in the low 50s, you couldn’t dismiss the possibility that the white stuff might make an unwelcome appearance.

In the distance, I could see what looked liked a sheet of rain pouring out of the sky, but it never got as far as where I was. In fact, I don’t think most hit the ground at all, although my husband did say he and the dog got caught in a mini-hailstorm while running. Even then, it cleared up as quickly as it hit, leaving them to plod along in just a biting wind.

By later afternoon, the sky had turned to a robin’s egg blue with light, wispy clouds that looked like they had not a care in the world. Mother Nature was a surly old braud today, as if she wasn’t quite ready to give up on summer, but not sure whether those below her were deserving of a little sun either.

I took advantage of the little blue sky there was to pick raspberries. The forecast low tonight is 36, and given the chill in the air, I didn’t want to take the chance of losing the already ripe fruit to frost. It seems too early to be worrying about picking green fruit or covering up the flowers, doesn’t it? Seems like it was just yesterday that it was 95 degrees and I was complaining about the heat. I’m resigned to the fact that it has to get cold sometime — it is Wisconsin after all — but maybe we could have a couple more weeks of somewhat summer-like weather?

Please Mother Nature – is there anything I can do to change your mood from surly to sunny?

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