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Ready to “get the buzz on” for my tomatoes

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I’ve never grown tomatoes in a greenhouse/indoors before, so I didn’t really think about how I’d pollinate them once they started flowering. When grown outdoors, bees and wind help shake loose and move the pollen from the male flower to the female flower so pollination can occur. I’ve always had tons of bumble bees in my vegetable garden and raspberry patch, so my outdoor tomatoes haven’t had a problem with pollination. But, while I love bumble bees, having them hang out in my basement so they can pollinate my greenhouse tomatoes doesn’t really seem like a good option. Continue reading

Who has the perfect backyard? Me, me, me!

There haven’t been many days this summer when I’ve felt like just sitting on the grass, taking in the view of my backyard. The stifling heat forced a retreat to the air-conditioned house

Shadows on a late afternoon in August.

most days and the dry, prickly grass produced by the heat and lack of rain for much of the summer didn’t make it very conducive to sitting on anyway.

So I was pleasantly surprised this past week when I was treated to a day that reminds me why I fell in love with our home. It was late afternoon and I had the house to myself for a couple hours. It was a good time to check out the flower and vegetable gardens and the temperature was tolerable – in the low 80s. Continue reading

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