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Even monster tomato can’t beat the worm

Remember the monster Beefmaster tomato I talked about last time? I finally got it and several others off with the help of my garden scissors.

In fact, I picked almost a dozen ripe or almost ripe fruit from the Beefmaster plant and to my dismay all of them have either worm holes or have started to rot. I thought I might be able to salvage part of one, so I cut it up to eat. But even though it looked good, it tasted awful. So rotten I had to spit it out. Continue reading

It’s a jungle out there

The tomatoes are finally starting to produce enough so that I have more than I can eat. Which is OK with me because the opposite of that means I’d still be waiting, wanting and possibly weeping.

All my plants have produced at least one red tomato and most, especially the smaller ones, have yielded many. It’s ironic (at least to me) that the Early Girl plant didn’t really start any earlier than the Better Boy or Celebrity plants. All seem to be ripening about the same. The Beefmaster tomatoes are ripening a bit slower, but my gosh are they big! Continue reading

Summer 2011, what worked, part II: Tomatoes – food for my soul

I didn’t talk about tomatoes last time because I realized that when I looked in the bag of seed packets I had saved, there were no tomato cards. I checked my garden shack to see if maybe that’s where I tossed them when I put the tomato cages away in the fall. No dice. I found just one – a card for cherry tomatoes (Chef Jeff’s Sweet 100, 62 days to maturity).
Continue reading

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