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The flower garden is in — life is good

Wow, am I tired. Je suis tres fatigue. Estoy cansada. Ich bin mude, too. Of course, can’t forget Jestem zmeczony. That’s “I’m tired” in French, Spanish, German and Polish (hope this how to say it website got all the translations right!). But it’s definitely a good tired. You see, I got my flower garden in this weekend.


It was the perfect weekend weather-wise. In fact, I couldn’t have asked for better if Mother Nature would have given me a menu to choose exactly what I wanted to order. On Saturday, Randy and I went to the new mega-Menards store to check out wood for borders of the garden. After a bit of back and forth (the Menards guy didn’t seem too happy with my indecisiveness), we decided on knotty pine 4x6s in 8-foot lengths. Got 8 of them loaded in the truck and and made the short trip back home, where they were promptly dumped on the grass by the garden.
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A look at last summer, part I

Every year I say I’m going to do a better job planning my garden. The good intentions are there and I start out that way. I look at the seed catalogs and think about what I’d like to plant. I go to the local garden store and pick up the seed packets I think I want. I check out nurseries for tomato plants. I make a mental list of want to plant where, keeping in mind that I read somewhere it’s best to plant certain types of vegetables near each other or that you should rotate where you plant those tomatoes each year. I think about when I’m going to pull the tiller out and get it ready to turn the soil and rid the garden of weeds and grass left behind the previous summer/fall.
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