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Growing season pretty much over

20131024-182149.jpgSave for the raspberries, the garden is pretty much done for the summer. I picked a cup of berries tonight and there are still more on the branches, so if they can withstand the frost the next couple of nights, I’ll pick more on Saturday. Continue reading

Seeds of summer

20131002-191649.jpgI was having a hard time getting used to the idea that fall was here, but the seeds of spring and summer are now turning into seeds of hope for next summer’s garden.

Continue reading

Cosmos, marigold flowers still going strong

20130923-185324.jpgA quick post today, just to show off some of the flowers in my garden that continue to provide me with great color. Continue reading

Sunflowers take beating from wind

20130908-191738.jpgThe sunflowers took a beating Saturday afternoon/evening when a storm rolled through. Gusty winds really blew them over. Hopefully, though most of them will keep growing. Continue reading

Beauty and the berries

20130819-185748.jpgThe second crop of raspberries keep growing every day. I think I better start searching for more recipes to use them in! Continue reading

Giant sunflowers and a plethora of cosmos and weeds

While I love the giant sunflowers that tower over the east end of my garden, I’ve yet to see an actual sunflower head on them yet. No yellow petals or deep brown centers. Of course, given their size, it’s quite possible that I just can’t see that high, and I hope that’s the case. Or that, just like everything else this growing season, they’re a bit behind. Continue reading

Color me cosmos!

20130805-182014.jpgMy cosmos seem unusually tall this year. But, oh, they are so pretty! Continue reading

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