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C’s are better than A’s for my flower garden

Last winter, when I started thinking about turning the area beneath my clothesline into a flower garden, I had high hopes. But I also was a bit uncertain as to whether I could pull it off. I was excited to pick out and order the perennials, but in the days after I planted the bulbs, the nervousness returned. Almost all of them looked like they were in a deep sleep from which they might never awake. Fortunately, words of encouragement from my sister helped me chill out, and whaddya know, they seem to have made a comeback. In fact, most are doing quite well. I’m not sure I’ll have actual flowers this summer, but there is a lot of green and that keeps me thinking positively.

My “vision” for the flower garden also included incorporating the clothesline poles into the design. I mean, why leave the poles in the ground if they were just going to stand there looking out of place, all rusty and abandoned?


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Three cheers for early veggies!

Wow, where did the time go? Oh, that’s right — track, soccer and basketball. The garden — and my Garden Booyah blog — unfortunately have taken a backseat to my daughter’s sports activities. That’s not to say I’ve totally ignored the garden, but I definitely have been ignoring the blog. For that, I apologize. I’ll try to catch you up.

A little over a week ago, I planted a second row each of lettuce, onions and peas. I also replanted the bare spots in the row of lettuce and one of the rows of peas I planted on April 19. Our warm March turned into a lot of cooler weather in April and early May, so they needed filling out a bit. All in all, though, I’m happy with them. If the weather stays the way it has been for the past several days — high 80s, low 90s — it won’t be long before I have fresh lettuce for my daily salad. And the peas? I think they grew two inches the past two days alone! I can already taste fresh peas in the pod for supper — as Rachel Ray would say, “yum-o!”

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Is it too early to start worrying?

OK, I’m a little worried. Flowers in the new flower garden aren’t doing all that good. Some look like they’re on death’s door, although I’m hoping that’s just the shock of being transplanted. Anyway, I gave them a good watering tonight, and with temperatures forecast in the high 70s or maybe even 80 the next couple days, I’m hoping they rebound. Fingers crossed. Please don’t die on me now!

The brown spots in several places, as well as the wilted perennials, have me worried. Please get better!

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The flower garden is in — life is good

Wow, am I tired. Je suis tres fatigue. Estoy cansada. Ich bin mude, too. Of course, can’t forget Jestem zmeczony. That’s “I’m tired” in French, Spanish, German and Polish (hope this how to say it website got all the translations right!). But it’s definitely a good tired. You see, I got my flower garden in this weekend.


It was the perfect weekend weather-wise. In fact, I couldn’t have asked for better if Mother Nature would have given me a menu to choose exactly what I wanted to order. On Saturday, Randy and I went to the new mega-Menards store to check out wood for borders of the garden. After a bit of back and forth (the Menards guy didn’t seem too happy with my indecisiveness), we decided on knotty pine 4x6s in 8-foot lengths. Got 8 of them loaded in the truck and and made the short trip back home, where they were promptly dumped on the grass by the garden.
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The color of spring

My tulips seem a bit behind the neighbors, but they’re still pretty. So far, red, yellow and a bit of orange.


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Perfect weather gets garden off to great start

Well, I did it. Took the plunge.

20120422-191531.jpg Planted some lettuce, peas and onions today.

And you know what that means — the tiller made its first appearance of the year. For the second year in a row, it started easily, and in no time at all I was turning over the soil. Saturday afternoon was perfect gardening weather. It was only in the low- to mid-50s, but it was sunny and there was little wind. In no time at all, the sweatshirt came off and I was breaking up the soil and loosening the weeds left over from last fall. (Photo at right was actually taken Sunday, when it was windier and a bit cooler than Saturday.)

It took about an hour to till the garden; then I turned to raking up the bigger chunks of weeds that I was too lazy to pull up last year, as well as the clumps of grass that seem to keep coming back despite the sod being pulled three springs ago. Will they ever go away?

I knew when I started raking that I’d have to do another round of tilling to remove the clumps of grass I couldn’t pull up by hand. But the funny thing is, it was OK — I wasn’t worried that I’d have to work all afternoon and into the evening to get it done. Because I planned a bit (one of my goals this summer), I didn’t have to till, rake AND plant all in the same day.

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It’s time to get the sod out

I’m so excited — we’re going to rent a sod-cutter Friday to remove the grass where my flower garden is going. And, I found out a couple days ago that one order of one order of bulbs has been shipped. The reality of my new flower garden is really starting to sink in!

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