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July 24-25: Tomatoes vs. my husband?

I try to spend a lot of time each summer with my tomatoes. They take up the most room in my garden for a reason. I absolutely love garden tomatoes. For me, that’s what summer is all about. Popping a cherry tomato in my mouth, biting into it, letting the seeds and juices explode in my mouth. I can just hear my taste buds saying “Thank you! Thank you!” In fact, if you asked me to choose between a summer without tomatoes or a summer without say, my husband, I might have to think twice. OK, I guess I’m exaggerating a bit, but not much.
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Summer 2011, what worked, part II: Tomatoes – food for my soul

I didn’t talk about tomatoes last time because I realized that when I looked in the bag of seed packets I had saved, there were no tomato cards. I checked my garden shack to see if maybe that’s where I tossed them when I put the tomato cages away in the fall. No dice. I found just one – a card for cherry tomatoes (Chef Jeff’s Sweet 100, 62 days to maturity).
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