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Preparing the garden for winter

Plant crocus bulbs. Check.

Put away tomato cages and garden stones. Check.

Pull out dried-up tomatoes, marigolds, beans and other spent plants. Check.

Till garden. Check.

It’s been a busy couple days for this booyah gardener. In the past, fall garden work has mostly meant finding time on weekends to rip out the dried-up plants and throw the cages in the garden shack. This year though, I actually planned ahead a bit, took a week of vacation from my paying job in hopes the weather would cooperate and I’d be able to spend more time cleaning up the garden before winter.
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It’s a jungle out there

The tomatoes are finally starting to produce enough so that I have more than I can eat. Which is OK with me because the opposite of that means I’d still be waiting, wanting and possibly weeping.

All my plants have produced at least one red tomato and most, especially the smaller ones, have yielded many. It’s ironic (at least to me) that the Early Girl plant didn’t really start any earlier than the Better Boy or Celebrity plants. All seem to be ripening about the same. The Beefmaster tomatoes are ripening a bit slower, but my gosh are they big! Continue reading

July 26: For the love of mud

More rain again overnight and this afternoon. The weather has been so strange. We got almost no rain for most of June and the first two weeks in July. Then in the last two weeks, we’ve gotten almost 8 inches. At least that’s what the rain gauge in my garden has measured. I know other parts of the Green Bay area have seen less, but I stand by my rain gauge.

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July 24-25: Tomatoes vs. my husband?

I try to spend a lot of time each summer with my tomatoes. They take up the most room in my garden for a reason. I absolutely love garden tomatoes. For me, that’s what summer is all about. Popping a cherry tomato in my mouth, biting into it, letting the seeds and juices explode in my mouth. I can just hear my taste buds saying “Thank you! Thank you!” In fact, if you asked me to choose between a summer without tomatoes or a summer without say, my husband, I might have to think twice. OK, I guess I’m exaggerating a bit, but not much.
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July 19: Four inches of rain and counting

Another inch of rain this morning makes 4 inches in three days – wow. Talk about an about-face in the weather department!

The garden is pretty muddy, so I didn’t chance falling on my face (or butt, more likely) by trying to walk in it. I did want to check on the rain total though, so fortunately I was able to see the rain gauge from outside the fence.

Just the daily east west photos today, plus another that shows how Jeepers the pumpkin is growing. It’s almost hard to see the nearest tomato plant, and it’s about 3 feet tall! Once the garden dries out, I can see I’m gonna have to do some retraining.


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July 18: Fresh beans for supper

Surprised I even got in the garden to pick beans and cucumbers today after getting almost 3 inches of rain Tuesday afternoon and overnight. The garden is now completely drenched.

Everything seemed to come alive with the outpouring from the skies. Mother Nature is so much more nourishing than what my sprinkler doles out! I staked a few of the cosmos that were still leaning this morning, but by mid-afternoon the beans and potatoes bounced back from being batted around by the rain and wind.

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July 17: Rain a sight for dry eyes

Got home this morning after two days in the Dells. And while we were able to mostly tolerate temps in the high 90s because we spent our time on water slides or floating down “rivers” on tubes, I was a bit worried how the veggies and flowers would fare while we were gone.

Fortunately, they looked like they tolerated the excessive heat surprisingly well, although it did appear that a few of the onion tops and bean plants were bent over a bit. Nothing too serious. Didn’t see any deer or other animal tracks, so not sure what caused it. Two and a half days without the sprinkler didn’t seem to hurt anything.
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July 12-13: Extreme heat back; still waiting on rain

Here we go, another streak of temps in the 90s. I know, I know, it was only a week ago that I said I loved how the heat was making the garden grow great guns. Of, course that was when I thought we’d have more than a couple days of 80s — and maybe some rain — before we got started cooking again.

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July 3: Baby it’s hot outside

Oh man, it’s hot out. It’s 8:30 p.m. and still 88 degrees. That, combined with a dew point of about 70 has combined to make it miserable. It appears the dog days of summer are here – and it’s only July 3.

I waited until the sun went down a bit to get some weeding time in. Mostly one-handed weeding, because I didn’t want to reopen Monday night’s cut to fingers on my right hand. I spent about only about a half hour pulling weeds around the tomatoes before I was drenched in sweat.

Looking west (after tomatoes were weeded):

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July 1: After a soaking

I know it’s only been a few hours since my last post, but I’m eager to get started on my New Year’s resolution (I have to come up with a better name for the resolution).

So, here are the July 1st photos of my garden looking east and west:

Looking east, after a good soaking

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