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Japanese beetle pretty — pretty destructive

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A co-worker asked me last week whether I had any Japanese beetles in my garden yet. We work at a local news outlet and he was writing a story on how the destructive pest was out in full force in the Green Bay area. I told him I didn’t think so, although in truth, it had been so hot that I hadn’t spent any time near the garden. It was supposed to cool off by the end of the week, so I made a mental note to check then. Continue reading


Raspberries late this year

(Above photo: Before I weeded, some weeds were taller than the raspberries.)

Finally got the raspberry patch weeded, the last of the “big” weeding jobs I had left to complete. You can tell by the before and after photos just how big the weeds were! Now if only the berries would ripen. Continue reading

Summer means garden in full swing – finally

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The warmer weather has finally kick-started my garden. I’ve been cutting lettuce for two weeks now, and have started giving it away to friends so it doesn’t go to waste. Despite the fact that it came up very spotty, I’ve got plenty to eat. I’m still not sure why it was so spotty this year. What’s even stranger is that I replanted the areas where it didn’t come up the first time, and the second planting didn’t come up either. Continue reading

What do the birds want with me?

Picking raspberries last night and the creepiest thing happened. Giddy that the patch has been producing so well despite light frost several mornings, I started walking toward the house when I looked up to see what must have been at least a hundred birds in the sky over the house.

I’m used to flocks of birds flying over our house in the fall, heading south for the winter. But this wasn’t the case with these birds. No typical “V” pattern or honking. More like a scene from “The Birds,” ominously flying back and forth like vultures overhead, seemingly anticipating an attack on something – or someone – on the ground. Continue reading

Raspberries have come a long way baby

I was looking through some old photos the other day when I saw one that made me realize just how far the garden has come in the four summers since we moved into our Lawrence home.

That was Labor Day weekend 2008, when it was 90 degrees outside and inside because the air-conditioning in our new-to-us house wasn’t working. At the time, the garden was the furthest thing from my mind. Oh sure, I knew I wanted one, but I had six or seven months before I had to even start thinking about what I wanted to plant. And at the time, cooler weather didn’t sound all that bad. Continue reading

July 29: Waiting on the explosion of red

Since my tomatoes have been kind of slow to ripen, my sister brought me some of hers Saturday. Oh my gosh, are they good! I expected just a couple, but instead she gave me about two dozen. We had BLTs for lunch, I had a slice on my burger for supper and plan on having a plateful before I go to bed tonight.
Continue reading

July 23: Beans frozen and tomatoes waterlogged

It’s 95 outside and my beans are frozen. OK, it’s 8 p.m. and not 95 (or 99) anymore, but nevertheless, it’s still hot outside. And I’m tired, so this is going to be a short post tonight.

Despite the heat, I knew I had to pick the beans and cukes again today or suffer strings and seeds. It actually didn’t seem that bad, although I only spent about a half-hour in the garden. Continue reading

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