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A soggy but successful Sunday

Extremely yucky morning. Rainy and windy. Generally nasty. Especially if the plan is to watch your daughter play soccer. But I can’t complain about the rain because we need it and have to take it when it comes these days. So here I am. Sitting in the car waiting for soccer to begin and catching up with Garden Booyah. Continue reading

Repotting cactus looks to be tall, tall job

So, I need some help. I’ve got a cactus that badly needs


I need to do something with this cactus before it breaks in half.

to be repotted, but I’m not sure how to go about it.

As you can see, it’s tall – almost 4 1/2 feet tall.

I know it needs to be in a bigger pot – the one it’s in is 8 inches wide and woefully inadequate. It used to have three stems, but at some point it got knocked around enough to bend one of them and eventually it rotted and fell off.

The two that are left sway when the stand/table the pot is on is bumped by someone (usually our beagle). I’m afraid that they also are going to break off if I don’t do something soon. The plant also is in front of a window that the dog constantly is running up to, looking out of, weaving around the stand it sits on.

The cactus does well in the light and I don’t really have any other spots in the house that would offer the same light but not have the problem with the dog.

I’m thinking that I should get a big enough pot that it can sit on the floor and be heavy enough that it won’t jiggle when bumped by the dog. But how big a pot should it be? Is there a thing as too big a pot? Continue reading

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