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To shrub or not to shrub?

I find myself nearing the end of my vacation week with little to show for it in the way of gardening — or even just yard work. Heck, I haven’t even done much housework. The week has been filled with a high school graduation (congrats to my beautiful step-daughter Erika!), a middle school concert (Cassie’s seventh-grade band played an awesome rendition of the “Stars Wars” movie theme) and visiting in-laws. Of course, I can’t forget soccer, which anchors both weekends.

Finally, today, I was able to get outside, where I was able to do some much needed yard work. It took several hours to trim the evergreen shrubs in our front yard, along with two other trees/bushes in front of windows that were really out of control. I hate the shrubs because they block the front of the house. Continue reading

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