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Some January white would be a winter delight

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When I last blogged, we had just gotten our first significant snowfall in the Green Bay area – right after a bout of 60-degree temperatures. I remarked to a commenter that the snow was pretty enough, but once the holidays were over, I probably would start looking forward to flip-flop and shorts weather.

Well, it’s Wisconsin and it’s January, so flip-flop weather probably is asking a bit much. Continue reading

First snow of season

The 60s earlier this week were replaced by this overnight. Hello winter!


Snowy day – pretty and good for the garden

Snow on bushes

Friday's wet, heavy snow left a pretty coating on everything.

Friday’s snowstorm proved not to be as bad as I thought it would be. Yes, I’m still in that SAD phase of winter, but the snow was so pretty it was hard to get down about it. I know it’ll be good for the garden – we really haven’t much snow this winter (Friday’s 6.5 inches was the biggest storm of the winter). Come to think of it, until Friday’s snow, I hadn’t really thought about what the lack of it might mean for this year’s garden.
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