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July 26: For the love of mud

More rain again overnight and this afternoon. The weather has been so strange. We got almost no rain for most of June and the first two weeks in July. Then in the last two weeks, we’ve gotten almost 8 inches. At least that’s what the rain gauge in my garden has measured. I know other parts of the Green Bay area have seen less, but I stand by my rain gauge.

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July 17: Rain a sight for dry eyes

Got home this morning after two days in the Dells. And while we were able to mostly tolerate temps in the high 90s because we spent our time on water slides or floating down “rivers” on tubes, I was a bit worried how the veggies and flowers would fare while we were gone.

Fortunately, they looked like they tolerated the excessive heat surprisingly well, although it did appear that a few of the onion tops and bean plants were bent over a bit. Nothing too serious. Didn’t see any deer or other animal tracks, so not sure what caused it. Two and a half days without the sprinkler didn’t seem to hurt anything.
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