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Summer means garden in full swing – finally

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The warmer weather has finally kick-started my garden. I’ve been cutting lettuce for two weeks now, and have started giving it away to friends so it doesn’t go to waste. Despite the fact that it came up very spotty, I’ve got plenty to eat. I’m still not sure why it was so spotty this year. What’s even stranger is that I replanted the areas where it didn’t come up the first time, and the second planting didn’t come up either. Continue reading

Tomatoes withstand transplanting

20130501-185707.jpgFinally got the tomatoes transplanted, although I’ll admit, it was harder than I thought it would be. I guess it’s a good thing I had 27 plants to work with, because by the time I got done, I only really had about a dozen good ones left.

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Ready to “get the buzz on” for my tomatoes

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I’ve never grown tomatoes in a greenhouse/indoors before, so I didn’t really think about how I’d pollinate them once they started flowering. When grown outdoors, bees and wind help shake loose and move the pollen from the male flower to the female flower so pollination can occur. I’ve always had tons of bumble bees in my vegetable garden and raspberry patch, so my outdoor tomatoes haven’t had a problem with pollination. But, while I love bumble bees, having them hang out in my basement so they can pollinate my greenhouse tomatoes doesn’t really seem like a good option. Continue reading

Tomatoes sprouted — one step closer to good winter salad

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One week into my venture to grow indoor tomatoes, seeds have sprouted in all nine of my pots. The first seeds actually poked up two days ago. I had been watching the pots all week, although truthfully, I didn’t think germination would take place until closer to the end of the seven- to 10-day time frame stated on most of the seed packets. So, when I got home from work Friday, I was pleasantly surprised. About a half-dozen of the Super Sweet 100s were anywhere from a quarter-inch to about an inch tall, most with cute little green leaves that look decidedly spring-like. You should have seen the smile that erupted on my face! Continue reading

Tomato seeds planted, greenhouse arrives

I planted five varieties of tomato seeds for my attempt at growing indoor tomatoes.

I planted five varieties of tomato seeds for my attempt at growing indoor tomatoes.

The indoor tomato-growing journey has officially begun — I planted seeds for five different varieties today.

Four of the five varieties I have never tried before so it should be interesting. All are cherry tomatoes, the thinking being that what I’m most looking for are tomatoes for salads. And cherries fit that bill.

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I just can’t take store-bought tomatoes anymore!

I’ve decided to take the leap. I’m going to try to grow tomatoes in my basement.

I’ve been in the usual tomato funk that I’m guessing many others get into this time of year. Store-bought tomatoes just aren’t cutting it. I still like to take a salad for lunch to work most days of the week, but they just don’t compare to my salads of the summer, made from my own garden-grown lettuce, tomatoes and onions.

Cool greenhouse

Could this greenhouse be the answer to tomatoes that taste like soggy cardboard?

One week, the store-bought cherries will be passable, the next week it’s like I’m chewing soggy cardboard. And the frustrating part is that you can’t tell by looking at them how good — or bad — they’ll taste.

Truth is, I’ve been thinking about trying to grow tomatoes indoors for quite a few years. But a fellow blogger suggested it again recently and it got me to thinking. Why not give it a try? What have I got to lose? If they don’t grow or taste really bad, I’ve still got the store-bought ones to fall back on, right?

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